Public Air Services is realizing the first commercial BVLOS * operation with drones in the Netherlands. More and more companies and institutions see opportunities to monitor or improve their processes through the use of drones. For the government, drones can be of great added value in terms of enforcement and inspection. With a drone, for example, it is easy to make aerial images or check the exhaust gases from ships. The use of drones is currently limited by stringent aviation legislation. This makes it difficult to actually start new types of operations, such as flying out of sight of the pilot.


Public Air Services therefore offers Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS). With DaaS, PAS fully unburdens its clients. As a result, organizations that want to use drones do not have to invest in knowledge, permits, pilots, sensors and drones.

Operating high-tech drones at larger distances requires specialist aviation knowledge; Public Air Services has exactly this type of knowledge. With DaaS, the government benefits from a variety of drone functionalities, compliant, safe and with high quality, without all the “hassle”.


DaaS is a solution that saves the government time and money. Public Air Services invests in hardware and permits, which are subsequently used by multiple clients. This leads to an optimal and efficient operation. Moreover, customers with Drone-as-a-Service have access to the latest innovations.



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* BVLOS = Beyond Visual Line Of Sight